From a beautiful park, a fantastic school and our annual Turtle Days festival, our community is full of great things! Churubusco offers all of the expected amenities you’d find in a big city or a small town such as ours. From our street & sewer departments to the town clerk & police department. It’s all here for you!

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Columbia City

Since 1888, Columbia City has stood strong as the center point for commerce and family life in Whitley County. Historic homes and brick streets blend into the downtown corridor with unique shops, a new high school and local, artisan businesses for residents and visitors alike. You’re always welcome!

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A prime location for farming, Larwill is a staple of Whitley County agriculture. Larwill is a town in Richland Township, where the population was just 283 at the 2010 census. It’s small town vibes and local, welcoming businesses are what turn Larwill into the hidden gem for peaceful drives, winding roads and miles of fields.

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South Whitley

South Whitley is a town in the Midwestern tradition of red brick buildings and tree-lined streets. This up-and-coming town is bringing it’s historic buildings back to life with unique, modern and artisan businesses, eateries and destination locations. Spend the day or stay a while and appreciate the heritage of South Whitley.

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